Beta key distribution has started for Operation Janus, Combat Arms' major graphical update

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combatarmsWhat to do with a super old game, that still have an active community? Make it look better (or produce a sequel)! Nexon had decided to work on the overhaul of the original engine for Combat Arms. The new version is in Beta and Nexon started to distribute keys to grant some selected players to get some hands on experience on Operation Janus Beta.

Operation Janus is meant to deliver better visuals, "advanced graphical features comparable to modern game engines". The update will also provide significant improvements for UI/UX and matchmaking systems. 

Combat Arms was being developed using the LithTech Jupiter engine, which is no longer supported but has been the core engine for many good shooter games in the past. According to Nexon's blog, the developers decided to stick on the core engine of Lith Tech Jupiter and modify the rendering layer only. Players can choose between the original and the update Jupiter engine, which is obviously depending on performance and recommended PC specs. Nexon is probably conducting those modifications on the engine by themselves, as the original developer Monolith does not exist any longer.

With other words, Combat Arms will look better, but game physics and mechanics will be the same.

Visit the official site to find out how to get a key for the Operation Janus Beta.

BEFORE - Combat Arms as it looks now:

combat arms special62

AFTER - Treated by Operation Janus - Looks better...!

combat arms special62


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