Nexon releases new Silent Square map for Combat Arms

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combatarmsNexon's FPS Combat Arms invites players to take on an international mission in new map Silent Square and celebrates the latest update with "Around the World in CA!" events that might grant you access to some useful in-game items.

Set against the backdrop of a sunny continental European town, "Silent Square" provides an intense and claustrophobic new combat experience". The map has players engaged in closed combat or long-distance fighting and can be played in 10 of Combat Arms' game modes.

The special event will allow players to get their hands on diverse types of EXP, GP and in-game items, but the dates and the countries are fixed as follows:

  • 20th April-3rd May – Europe Month - 5-shot event
  • 25th April-24th April – Australia/New Zealand - Country celebrate day
  • 27th April – Netherlands - King's Birthday
  • 2nd May – Poland - Day of the Flag
  • 5th May – Mexico - Cinco de Mayo / Europe Day

Combat Arms is a long-running f2p FPS published by Nexon and available as free download at the official site.


Combat Arms - Silent Square Trailer


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