Nexon merges Combat Arms Europe and North America

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combatarmsFrom June 30th onwards European and North American communities of free-to-play FPS Combat Arms will be merged. With the merged service Nexon Europe hopes to provide "more competition, more matchups and more intensity".

The combined service for Combat Arms will allow players in North America, Europe and Oceania to compete against each other across those regions. Combat Arms will be handled by Nexon Europe completely. 

Nexon said that there will be no interruption of service during the merge and players will log onto the game as before. Nexon Europe will be running the servers in North America to ensure gameplay. All user account functionality and data will be retained. With other words, there won't be much of a change, but just more players from different regions to compete against. 

The publisher will host a series of special game events in which players can get their hands on a variety of rewards and prizes.

Check out further details at the official sites.



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