Fire in the Hole! Combat Arms Gets Huge Content Update

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combatarmsNexon Europe announced thrilling new content with the November update for the f2p FPS Combat Arms. Players can soon experience a new Fireteam PvE map, check out a new female character, new weapons and items.

The new Fireteam map Outpost 31 sees Warcorp operatives on a crucial mission to retrieve valuable data from the Trilobite Energy Corporation. In this map Combat Arms introduces Abnormalities: once human, now warped and twisted from prolonged exposure to psychic research experiments and with only one purpose: to kill Warcorp's mercenaries. Those creatures kill with special skills: frozen ice breath, rush attacks and suicide bombs.

Players need to take down the powerful Boss Abnormality and can take advantage with two new features: TEC Coins, which will be dropped when TEC Officers are taken down and Bonus Missions.

In addition to Outpost 31, the new update throws a new female mercenary into the fray, Ophelia (aka Lollipop), who had been recruited by Warcorp for her expertise in rescue and evacuation.

Details about this and more items in the update can be found at the official site of Combat Arms Europe.

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