Nexon Europe introduces more changes in the in-game economy of Combat Arms

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combatarmsNexon Europe continues to integrate further changes in f2p FPS Combat Arms in an attempt to level the playing field, by adding a rental system, free guns rotation system and new pricing.

The rental system allows the purchase certain items for one day using Gear Points (GP), without having the need to invest in a permanent purchase. From the existing pool of weapons, players can get some free guns, which will be available on rotation and for a limited time only. Furthermore, Nexon also adjusted the pricing for weapons. 

These changes are should improve player experience and "help increase the options available to players to let them go about the Combat Arms experience their own way and make sure no one is able to get ahead simply by paying more", as Nexon Europe stated. 

Further steps to a 'truly free-to-play, but not pay-to-win' experience are to come, as the publisher is to introduce a new weapon acquisition system and a new trading system for old and new items.

Check out further details at the official sites.



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