Nexon Europe changes the game, announces true free-to-play Combat Arms

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combatarmsUntil now Combat Arms was rather known as pay-to-win FPS, since certain, powerful weapons were only available in the permanent inventory, if players spent Nexon Cash (NX), the in-game currency for real money. Nexon Europe wants to change this and promises a true free-to-play, free-to-win experience for all.

Nexon Europe admitted that those who spent money in Combat Arms on powerful gear had a "huge advantage that wasn't based on skill". Now this will be changed and gradually modified, until its planned completion on July 23rd. Weapons that had once been available in the shop, can be purchased with Game Points (GP) and they will be permanently available in your inventory. Of course, this applies not for all weapons and items.

On the other side Nexon Europe "will be phasing out various means of increasing players' GP such as GP boosts". With other words, play a lot and you earn high quality weapons through getting more GP. In addition, Nexon Europe will provide "players with more compelling options that utilize GP".

According to recently released statistics of SuperData the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of Combat Arms stood at $2.81 and was even higher than League of Legends with $1.32. With the shift to skill-based FPS gameplay, Nexon Europe sacrifices its high ARPU for the sake of a larger active community. 

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