Team 31337 Gaming is the Winner of the Combat Arms ESL Tournament 2013

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NEXON Europe's ESL Combat Arms tournament has now drawn to a close, ending in a fierce battle between the top two teams, with 31337 Gaming as the ultimate victor and rightful recipient of the lion's share of the €30,000 prize pot.

Since February 24th this year, teams have squared off in frenetic weekly and monthly matches in the build up to the yearend final in Cologne, an offline match up that saw the world's best make every bullet count and headshot their way to victory. The top four teams placed as follows:

1st Place— 31337 Gaming
2nd Place— MostTalentedPlayers
3rd Place— Team Def
4th Place— Team EGO

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"It's been a rollercoaster ride getting to this point and it was an epic experience to take a part in such a wide-ranging Combat Arms event organized by NEXON Europe" said Marcin Gluc, the Captain of Team 31337 Gaming. "I also want to wish all the very best to all other teams that have competed over the last 10 months."

The news of the competition finale comes as NEXON Europe also announces a new PvE map for Combat Arms. Arriving in two weeks, the update comprises of two different gameplay style – a tower defence style game in which NPC attackers must be fended off from the player's home base, and a hunting and collecting adventure in which players must hunt NPC characters in a changing environment and retrieve objects from within the enemies' territory.

For more information and to register and play Combat Arms, please visit the official Combat Arms Europe site or the event page at ESL.

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