Finalists of the ESL Go4 Combat Arms Tournament Announced

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combatarmsThe four main tournament teams to battle it out on the offline ESL Go4 Combat Arms final on December 7th have now been announced.

The triumphant four that fought their way through 170 teams to the final round are 31337Gaming, MostTalentedPlayers, Team Def and Team EGO!, who will go head to head in an exclusive offline event in Cologne, hosted by ESL's Sean Charles and casted by Jason Kaplan, where €30,000 is up for grabs.

"We've seen a huge number of players fight with real passion to reach this stage, with 170 teams competing over the recent months" said Damian Baran for NEXON Europe. "We're really pleased with the turnout and excited to see the final result. May the best team win."

31337Gaming, hailing from Poland, have so far dominated the tournament and enter the finals as firm favourites, already with €7,000 in the bank and 25 wins under their belts. Only December's finals will see a clear victor however, with the stage set at the ESL TV Studios in Cologne and the world ready to watch via

More info at the official tournament page.

Combat Arms ESL

Combat Arms ESL



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