Beta key distribution has started for Operation Janus, Combat Arms' major graphical update

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combatarmsWhat to do with a super old game, that still have an active community? Make it look better (or produce a sequel)! Nexon had decided to work on the overhaul of the original engine for Combat Arms. The new version is in Beta and Nexon started to distribute keys to grant some selected players to get some hands on experience on Operation Janus Beta.

Nexon releases new Silent Square map for Combat Arms

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combatarmsNexon's FPS Combat Arms invites players to take on an international mission in new map Silent Square and celebrates the latest update with "Around the World in CA!" events that might grant you access to some useful in-game items.

It's only your skills that count - Combat Arms enables Pure Combat

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combatarmsNexon Europe's free-to-play shooter Combat Arms releases the new Pure Combat Mode "that will completely level the battlefield for all combatants". With other words, no overpowered weapons and gear, all players can choose only between a defined set of standard weapons and items.

Nexon merges Combat Arms Europe and North America

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combatarmsFrom June 30th onwards European and North American communities of free-to-play FPS Combat Arms will be merged. With the merged service Nexon Europe hopes to provide "more competition, more matchups and more intensity".

Combat Arms Clan Tournament glory plus new map brings the fight to London’s Tower Bridge

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combatarmsNexon Europe will host a Clan Tournament for Combat Arms later this month and adds new content and systems update. A new map is based on London's Tower Bridge and a Guide System will be implemented, giving advice to players of all experience levels.

Fire in the Hole! Combat Arms Gets Huge Content Update

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combatarmsNexon Europe announced thrilling new content with the November update for the f2p FPS Combat Arms. Players can soon experience a new Fireteam PvE map, check out a new female character, new weapons and items.

Nexon Europe introduces more changes in the in-game economy of Combat Arms

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combatarmsNexon Europe continues to integrate further changes in f2p FPS Combat Arms in an attempt to level the playing field, by adding a rental system, free guns rotation system and new pricing.

Nexon Europe changes the game, announces true free-to-play Combat Arms

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combatarmsUntil now Combat Arms was rather known as pay-to-win FPS, since certain, powerful weapons were only available in the permanent inventory, if players spent Nexon Cash (NX), the in-game currency for real money. Nexon Europe wants to change this and promises a true free-to-play, free-to-win experience for all.

Nexon Kicks Off Global Map Creation Contest for Combat Arms

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Nexon America has announced a player contest to help shape the future of Combat Arms by creating a new map for first-person shooter co-op game. From now through Sunday, Feb. 23, players can submit their ideas for the opportunity to put their personal stamp on Combat Arms.

Team 31337 Gaming is the Winner of the Combat Arms ESL Tournament 2013

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NEXON Europe's ESL Combat Arms tournament has now drawn to a close, ending in a fierce battle between the top two teams, with 31337 Gaming as the ultimate victor and rightful recipient of the lion's share of the €30,000 prize pot.

Winners of the Third Quarterly Combat Arms ESL Tournament Announced

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combatarmsNexon Europe's Combat Arms has finished the 34th week in the Electronic Sports League (ESL) tournament. The publisher helds weekly and monthly tournaments for its free-to-play FPS since the beginning of 2013. The final tournament will take place in Cologne, Germany, by the end of this year. 

Nexon America Takes on Hacking in Combat Arms

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combatarmsNexon America vows to strengthen measures to prevent hacking for their free-to-play FPS Combat Arms. They have been on the offensive and took even legal action against creators of hacks, as Jeff Charvat, Executive Producer, warned in an announcement. 

First Cups for $50,000 USD Cash Combat Arms eSports League Start this April

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ESL (Electronic Sports League), the most important league platform in eSports (electronic sports), and NEXON Europe, the publisher of Combat Arms, have joined forces to create an eSports league for this free-to-play First-Person-Shooter in the year of 2013.

Combat Arms eSports: Nexon and ESL Set The 2013 Tournament Schedule

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NEXON Europe is proud to announce the details for the upcoming season of eSports activity with ESL in 2013. Including a Go4 Cup Series, cash prizes and LAN finals, Combat Arms is set for a busy and exciting year.