April Events in CrossFire (NA) Unleash the Beast

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CrossFire (North America) releases the much anticipated special edition AK47 Beast and AK47 Fury. CrossFire will be giving away 2 Million ZP! Players can complete challenges and enter in the drawing for this landmark occasion.

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The new content in CrossFire include:

  • 2 Million ZP Giveaway: Players will have the opportunity to complete challenges and be entered in the drawing. Players can win their share of the riches and also win other prizes including a permanent AK47 Fury!
  • AK47 Fury and Beast: The new weapons not only look killer, they also hold special attributes. The Fury has a special ability to remove a bad score at the end of the match. Both versions look intimidating but the Fury will instill extra fear with the burning eye staring straight into the heart of your enemy.
Players need to complete daily missions all weekend and be entered into the draw to win a Permanent AK47 Fury and Beast. 3 Grand Prize players will be chosen each day as well as 20 additional players will win temporary versions of the AK47 Beast and Fury. 


Cross Fire is a fast-paced military-themed combat online shooter, pitting two competing mercenary forces, the Global Risk and the Black List, against each other in a war-torn world. Players can choose from a massive armory of realistic firearms, explosives, hand-to-hand weapons and personal body armor used by military forces worldwide. Single and unit-based combat scenarios and location-specific damage combined with popular movie culture create adrenaline-fueled action-packed battles in 10 different gameplay modes: Free-for-All, Escape, Mutation, Team Death Match, Elimination, Search and Destroy, Mutation, Ghost, Zombie and Predator. Developed by SmileGate, Cross Fire is the largest first-person online shooter in the world with more than 3.7 million concurrent users globally. To get up-to-date information on Cross Fire’s Community and Fan Pages, check out the official site of Z8Games /G4Box.

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