Crossfire: Europe Goes on the Prowl with New Predator Game Mode

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SG Interactive is putting players in the fight of their lives with the new Predator mode, the latest gameplay addition to the intense free-to-play online shooter, Crossfire: Europe.

In the new game mode launching today, one player spawns as a predator with the goal of turning all other soldiers into mutants by infecting them with a contagion. Factions and allegiances go out the window when survival becomes the only concern in the frenzied new game mode. To add even more suspense to the gameplay, when only a few soldiers remain, one player will emerge as the commando and become the sole chance humanity has for survival. European players can experience the new, fast-paced combat of Predator mode by registering for free on the game’s official site.

The emergence of the predator is the result of covert biological weapons research ordered by the British military. A Royal Marines war hero and a scientist started the research and then disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Although the government covered up the incident, the weapon still remained, causing the mutations that are beginning to spread across the globe. Now, player factions Global Risk and Black List must put their differences aside to stop the terrible new threat from spreading.

Predators will get their pick of victims, thanks to the three new maps SG Interactive is releasing as part of the content update:

  • Mansion: The site where all the mutations began, the Mansion is a nest of evil that only the bravest of mercenaries should face. Pale blue light emanates from the walls and ceilings of the home that once housed the creator of the outbreak. The Mansion’s tight corridors and multiple levels will challenge the skill and fortitude of the most battle-hardened soldiers.
  • Dark Village: One of the first places that the predator surfaced was an innocent village on the outskirts of a populous city. The village was decimated, and survivors’ memories were wiped clean of the incident. Now, the two mercenary corporations must investigate the village and use every skill available to survive in its alleyways, abandoned houses and open courtyards.
  • Scenic Spots: A popular tourist spot in Southwestern China became a ghost town practically overnight. While investigating the disappearances, Global Risk discovered a secret Black List laboratory where experiments were being conducted using the mutant contagion. Now members of both factions must purge the contamination while fighting off the infected amongst the exposed landscape of the ancient Chinese ruins.

Crossfire: Europe is a fast-paced military combat shooter that follows the conflict between two competing mercenary forces: Global Risk and Black List. Players choose a side and then engage the opposing faction across multiple gameplay modes, including: Team Death Match, Elimination, Escape, Search and Destroy, Mutation, Ghost, Hero, Biohazard, and the all new Predator mode.

Visit the official site and check it out.

Crossfire: Europe - Predator Mode - Trailer

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