Crossfire China Breaks Again Record: 3.5 Mio PCU

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Neowiz Games announced 3.5 million Chinese peak concurrent users (PCU) in the free-to-play online shooter Crossfire.

That is a good reason to open a bottle of champagne for the three parties Tencent, Neowiz Games and Smilegate. Tencent publishes and operates Crossfire in China and has licensed the shooter from Neowiz Games who acts as the exclusive publisher for Smilegate, the developer of Crossfire. They were able to increase the number of players and broke their own record, reaching 3.5 million PCU in February this year. An astounding number: 3.5 million players on Tencent's servers, battling at the same time.

Crossfire is in service since 2008 and had reached 2.3 mio PCU in January 2011. With increased marketing activities and constant content updates, the game continues to gain popularity in China.

Cross Fire - A Chinese Game

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