Starbreeze teams up with Smilegate to create co-op FPS game based on Crossfire franchise

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Cross FireStarbreeze, creator and publisher of PAYDAY 2 and OVERKILL's The Walking Dead, has teamed up with Smilegate to develop an all-new co-op FPS based on the Crossfire franchise. This deal also includes that Starbreeze' games will be published in Asia on Smilegate's platform. 

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This is quite an extensive deal, an in-depth collaboration that positions Starbreeze and Smilegate to bridge the gap between the two markets, Asia and the western world. 

Starbreeze will receive a total of 40 mio. USD from Smilegate to work on the premium co-op FPS, which will be tailored to attract western gamers in particular. They will have a 10 year right to develop, publish and distribute the shooter. And Smilegate secured rights to publish PAYDAY 2 and OVERKILL's The Walking Dead in Asia, which we assume will be free-to-play. OVERKILL's The Walking Dead will be expanded with more content and the Asian version will be developed for simultaneous launch with the western version. The game is set for release in all markets during the second half of 2017. 

The deal with Starbreeze won't have much impact on Smilegate's current and future projects. With 500 mio. registered users Crossfire is still Smilegate's cashcow and the successor which is being developed by now, Crossfire 2, has secured investments of 500 mio. USD as we reported earlier in this article. Crossfire 2 will focus on its key territories and those are in Asia. 

Also, Starbreeze hopes to get more attraction on a future Crossfire game. Smilegate partnered up with "Fast and the Furious" producer Neal Moritz to work on a movie that might premiere in three to five years. 



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