Celebrating its 6th anniversary, CrossFire North America promises largest update of 2015 yet

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Cross FireCrossFire celebrates its 6th anniversary in North America and launched the Anniversary update, coming with new items, the new Mutant Knight mode and a series of events. 

The free-to-play FPS boasts a loyal player community who can test some anniversary-themed weapons with the latest patch. Beginning March 19th until 23rd, players can also receive a number of free items, such as sprays, name cards and more. After March 26th, CrossFire will reward players with more weapons and even permanent ones, if they are lucky and complete certain missions.

In the new Mutant Knight mode, players will turn into an Armored Mutant, and there is two more maps to be checked out, so plenty of stuff is to explore for veterans: head over to the official site and check it out.



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