Next CrossFire Update to Introduce MOBA Game Modes

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SG North announced the brand new Wave Mode for the popular online first-person shooter CrossFire. Wave Mode will launch in North America and the UK on March 12, 2014.

Featuring eight new classes, new map types with advanced tactical options, special Wave Mode levels, MOBA-inspired battle mechanics, and unique items and upgrades, Wave Mode is guaranteed to set the bar for free-to-play first-person shooters higher than ever before.

Cross Fire is free-to-download-and-play. Visit the Cross Fire homepage at the official site of Z8Games /G4Box.

Cross Fire - Are you a juggernaut?

Wave Mode Key Features
  • MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)-inspired mechanics such as destroyable towers, match specific leveling system and waves of NPC soldiers also known as "minions", and super soldiers
  • 8 New Classes: Juggernaut, Blaster, Marksman, Medic, Demolition, Panther, Shield, Hunter
  • 2 New maps: The Three Lane winter battlefield "Arctic Base" and the Single Lane desert battleground "Sandstorm"
  • New Offensive Tactics such as Air Strikes and Mortar Strikes
  • New Items, Gear and Weaponry unique to Wave Mode
  • New Class Card System allows players to combine duplicate cards to create stronger variations
  • New Gem System allows players to equip gems and boost their in game abilities
  • Players are able to bring in any weapons and items they have previously unlocked or purchased

Special Event
Between March 19 and April 2, new recruits will receive significant bonuses to kick-start their enlistment. These include major boosts to EXP, skinned weapons, premium accessories and gear, expanded grenade slots, Extra Missions, and more - even a Cowboy Hat! Returning players will receive additional items with consecutive logins.

  • After First Login: Bulletproof Helmet (3 Days), Bulletproof Vest (3 Days), 50% EXP Boost (3 Days)
  • After 3 Consecutive Days: Expanded Grenade Slot (7 Days), Crystal Grenade (7 Days), Cowboy Hat (7 Days)
  • After 7 Consecutive Days: Desert Eagle-Tiger (7 Days), Golden Katana (7 Days), 3 x Extra Mission
  • After 15 Consecutive Days: 9A-91 (7 Days), Rainbow Muzzle Flame (7 Days), Play CrossFire NameTag (7 Days)

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