CrossFire (NA): Summer Heat Wave

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Cross FireCrossFire introduces a brand new achievement system with over 25 achievements for the players to accomplish. The summer heat will rise with a new level of competition and summer giveaways. G4Box has partnered with Esports Arena and will be scheduling a new competitive series for CrossFire.

Along with some great in game items, competitors will battle over amazing prizes from Roccat Gaming Hardware and what better way to cool off the rising heat by winning some cold hard cash!

"We have been closely involved with our CrossFire community and listening to their feedback," Said JT, producer of CrossFire. "We will have some amazing announcements coming soon regarding the much requested Esport series for CrossFire, in addition to the great content releases over the summer."

The new content in CrossFire include:

  • CrossFire Achievements: Players will have the opportunity to complete progressive achievements and unlock permanent character bonuses. The achievements will continue to grow and give players a wide array of challenges to complete.
  • CrossFire Esports: The CrossFire team will be heavily investing into Esports and rewarding players with global tournaments, local events, and league partnerships. Players will compete to win hardware, cash prizes, in game items, and the fame of being the best!
  • Headshot Mode & Shotgun Mode: Challenge your friends in these skill games. Headshot mode allows you only to score kills by placing headshots. Shotgun will test your range in this close quarter mode, players will have to get up front and personal.

Visit the official site and check it out.

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