Starbreeze teams up with Smilegate to create co-op FPS game based on Crossfire franchise

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Cross FireStarbreeze, creator and publisher of PAYDAY 2 and OVERKILL's The Walking Dead, has teamed up with Smilegate to develop an all-new co-op FPS based on the Crossfire franchise. This deal also includes that Starbreeze' games will be published in Asia on Smilegate's platform. 

Chinese publisher invests whopping US$ 500 mio for Cross Fire 2 license

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Cross FireCrossFire is China's most played FPS game and a billion dollar cashcow. While Korea-based studio Smilegate Entertainment is working on its sequel since 2013, today's news is: Chinese publisher The9 announced that its joint venture Oriental Shiny Star Ltd. striked a deal with Smilegate and got the license to publish Cross Fire 2 in China for a whopping fee of US$ 500 million.  

Crossfire Stars (CFS) 2015 Grand Finals schedule announced

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Cross FireCrossFire is a free-to-play FPS that boasts an active community even in its eighth year since it was first launched in Korea. Its biggest eSports event, Crossfire Stars (CFS) 2015, will end with the Grand Finals on December 4th to 6th. 11 qualifiers from around the globe will gather in Guangzhou, China, to compete for the prize pool of $220,000 USD.     

Celebrating its 6th anniversary, CrossFire North America promises largest update of 2015 yet

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Cross FireCrossFire celebrates its 6th anniversary in North America and launched the Anniversary update, coming with new items, the new Mutant Knight mode and a series of events. 

CrossFire Closed Beta for Latin America has begun

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SG North has rolled out the first Closed Beta test for the FPS CrossFire in Latin America. Players can test the fully localized Spanish version and check out various weapons and gear for seven days, beginning of March 6.

CrossFire is set to Relaunch in Korea on December 12th

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Cross FireThe FPS game CrossFire is set to relaunch in its homeland on December 12th.  The shooter was not available for a year as its publisher Neowiz Games shut down the servers due to a dispute they had with CrossFire's developer Smilegate. 

CrossFire (NA): Summer Heat Wave

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Cross FireCrossFire introduces a brand new achievement system with over 25 achievements for the players to accomplish. The summer heat will rise with a new level of competition and summer giveaways. G4Box has partnered with Esports Arena and will be scheduling a new competitive series for CrossFire.

April Events in CrossFire (NA) Unleash the Beast

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CrossFire (North America) releases the much anticipated special edition AK47 Beast and AK47 Fury. CrossFire will be giving away 2 Million ZP! Players can complete challenges and enter in the drawing for this landmark occasion.

CrossFire Valentine’s Day Update: “Up Front and Personal”

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CrossFire releases brand new content this Valentine's Day with pink weapons and a brand new map, "Shopping Mall." The fun continues with special themed events and missions. So get up front and personal this Valentine's Day, have fun, and play free!

EAStarts Publishing Third-Party Free-To-Play Games: CrossFire Now On Origin

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That is an interesting development: EA included the first free-to-play game from a third-party publisher on its direct-to-consumer gaming platform. The f2p FPS CrossFire is now available on EA's Origin.