Metro Conflict: Presto Character Classes Introduction

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mc logobRed Duck Inc.'s highly anticipated futuristic military shooter Metro Conflict: Presto has entered the second official Closed Beta Test in Korea. The creators of A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms) unveiled the four character classes in a gameplay video. Check it out:

Metro Conflict: Presto is an MOFPS (Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) set in the near future, offering state of the art graphics and unique combat features. In 2020 the USA is in civil war and two forces, the United Security Service vs. the People's Liberation Front, are in conflict. Metro Conflict combines realistic gameplay-feeling with futuristic elements.

4 character classes are available: Assault, Recon, Sniper and Heavy Gunner with each different skill and related weapon sets. The classes have now getting names: Striker is the Dual Gunner, Jackal the Recon, Hawkeye the Assault and Bigdaddy the Heavy Gunner. Each of them have got a special ability, which give them extra power during gameplay and is based on the Storm System.

Metro Conflict: Presto - Character Classes Introduction

Hawkeye - Assault

Metro Conflict: Presto

Jackal - Recon

Metro Conflict: Presto

Striker - Dual Gunner

Metro Conflict: Presto

Big Daddy - Heavy Gunner

Metro Conflict: Presto

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