Tencent to Publish Metro Conflict: Presto in China

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Tencent teams up with Red Duck to publish the upcoming free sci-fi-themed online shooter Metro Conflict: Presto in China.

Chinese online giant Tencent announced its new MMO games line-up at the games annual press conference "UP 2012" yesterday (video). Among the upcoming 5 games Tencent introduced the sci-fi themed online FPS (First Person Shooter) Metro Conflict: Presto and a TPS (Third Person Shooter) "Era of Guns". Metro Conflict: Presto is still in development and had entered first closed beta tests by end of 2011 in Korea. Developer Red Duck has got already a working relationship with Tencent who publishes the shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) in China.

Tencent's shooter portfolio would include:

  • Crossfire - in service. We reported earlier about another milestone achievement in Crossfire. This is the most played shooter in China.
  • A.V.A - in service
  • War of Zombie - in service, an online shooter in service by Vertigo Games who also developed the FPS BlackShot
  • Battle Territory Battery - about the conduct its last closed beta test before release, also known as Arctic Combat which is also due release this summer
  • Warface - the highly anticipated FPS by the makers of Crytek, offering both PvE and PvP modes and also in the last stages of development prior to open beta
  • Era of Guns - an action shooter in third person view, in development
  • Metro Conflict: Presto - due release

Metro Conflict: Presto brief synopsis:
The Sci-fi-themed shooter is set in the future: in the year 2020 the USA is in civil war and two forces, the United Security Service vs. the People's Liberation Front, are in conflict. Metro Conflict combines realistic gameplay-feeling with futuristic elements. 4 character classes are available: Assault, Recon, Sniper and Heavy Gunner with each different skill and allowed weapon sets. Metro Conflict will also include some features such as shields, dual guns and new game modes that have not been revealed yet. 

Metro Conflict: Presto - CBT Promo Trailer



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