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mc logobOGPlanet simply has no luck with f2p shooter games made in Korea. The most recent addition Metro Conflict faces termination, as OGPlanet will shut down servers on April 25th, 2016. The FPS might be coming back on Steam "with another publisher", as developer Red Duck hopes.

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It simply didn't work out for Canada-based publisher OGPlanet. SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, Gundog, Dizzel, Tactical Intervention and now Metro Conflict - all shooter games developed by South Korean studios had been operated and terminated by OGPlanet after a relatively short period. Ill-fated or simply mediocre games with small market potential? Or maybe shooter games aren't OGPlanet's thing?

Fact is that Metro Conflict never reached any popularity, even after OGPlanet extended distribution to Steam and expanded servers for Europe. Fact is also that development for Metro Conflict was plagued by massive internal problems at Red Duck. The FPS had been announced back in 2008 (!) and was lingering in some sort of beta limbo state on the Korean game portal for years - and it is even not released on its home turf by now.

Metro Conflict is a solid shooter, but lost the passion of its original team. Even if it might resurface on Steam, it won't be a hugely successful game, unless Red Duck puts efforts in massive reshape and acquires an experienced publishing partner.  

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+1 #2 albin79 2016-04-20 19:08
Also regional block... result: good bye
+6 #1 Colt 2016-04-08 11:41
Not surprising in the least. Users with windows 10 (almost everyone) were getting blue screen of death when attempting to load the game. This went on for months with OGPlanet doing nothing about it. Game's fate was sealed.

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