Metro Conflict gets important update and dedicated EU servers

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mc logobTwo months after launch the free-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict received a update that improves balancing, UI menu interface and also adds some more content. Players based in Europe can experience the shooter with less latency on dedicated servers. 

metro conflict special04

The match queuing process has been changed allowing players to select with more options and improved usability. Skills and DTA SRS-A1 / AWM snipers have been re-balanced.

Metro Conflict received also with 'Escape' a new game mode and map, new weapons, skins and challenges.  

Another important feature comes with the Clan Battle League system. Clans can pit against another clan in 5-vs-5 matches.

Find all details about the update at the official sites.


Metro Conflict: Presto - Escape Game Mode Trailer




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