OGPlanet to roll out Open Beta Test for Metro Conflict on June 22nd

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mc logobFree-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict is ready for launch! Faster than expected, OGPlanet promises us "the summer's hottest beta". The shooter will open its servers on June 22nd, 4PM Pacific Time and will be fully released even on June 29th, if there are no critical issues found during testing.

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OGPlanet limits the access to players based in North America and Europe only at the beginning, but plans to open new servers in the future, opening up the FPS to a wider range of users. 

Metro Conflict allows players to choose one of seven character classes, including two female characters and each with dinstinctive special skills and abilities. The shooter is set in a near-future scenario with two rival factions pitting against each other. Players can take advantage of extra powers, that they can use for a limited time in combat. That includes super-sprint, heat sensors, extra shield power and more. 

Metro Conflict will be also available on Steam.

Head over to the official sites to find out more. 


Metro Conflict: Presto - Official Teaser Trailer


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