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mc logobOkay, this is not really news, but the free-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict has been on our radar for years - and it finally approaches beta launch this summer. And hey, be the first and participate in the beta - you will get a 24 karat pixel-plated gold knife skin, delivered once Metro Conflict hits commercial release.

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Red Duck's upcoming shooter Metro Conflict will be published by OGPlanet for North America and Europe initially, but the press release hints also that "more servers are planned for other regions in the future". The game will be available on both OGPlanet's gaming platform and Steam.

Pre-registrations for the forthcoming beta will be open in the coming weeks. Beta will take place in early summer, but ahead of this players can sign-up for the latest news at the official page

OGPlanet also promises players who participated in the beta will get a 24 karat pixel-plated gold knife skin, once Metro Conflict goes commercial. 

Metro Conflict allows players to choose one of seven character classes, including two female characters and each with dinstinctive special skills and abilities. The shooter is set in a near-future scenario with two rival factions pitting against each other. Players can take advantage of extra powers, that they can use for a limited time in combat. That includes super-sprint, heat sensors, extra shield power and more. 

In addition to competitive PvP game modes, Metro Conflict boasts more fun with action-packed PvE game modes - at least in the Chinese beta versions as you can check out below:



Metro Conflict: Presto - Official Teaser Trailer


Metro Conflict: Presto - PvE Gameplay (Chinese CBT)

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