OGPlanet teams up with Red Duck to bring f2p Sci-fi shooter Metro Conflict to Western markets

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mc logobWow, that is some unexpected news that has reached us. The shooter Metro Conflict has resurfaced and is announced to enter Closed Beta testing, operated by OGPlanet later this year. The US publisher teamed up with Korean studio Red Duck, the developers behind the A.V.A. Believe it or not, but Metro Conflict was first announced in 2010.  

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The "next-gen" shooter Metro Conflict had entered the first Closed Beta testing in Korea by 2011. Three years went by and the game entered into a limbo state, the Korean publisher NHN did not even remove it from the portal. Instead of calling for a 2nd Closed Beta Test on its home turf, Red Duck decided to test it in China and in China only, by the end of May 2014.

But finally. After all that years, Metro Conflict has found a North American publisher and is set for a release. OGPlanet isn't the most fortunate publisher when it comes to its f2p shooter selection, they dropped the FPS Tactical Intervention and recently the TPS Dizzel. On the other hand, Red Duck has produced with A.V.A a free-to-play title, that still enjoys an active community in many years and has even launched in many territories in the recent past. 

Metro Conflict promises to deliver stunning visuals and fast-paced gameplay. The FPS is set in the not too distant future, players battle in metropolitan areas, yielding near-futuristic weapons in classic PvP modes. The 9 character classes span distinctive roles and a set of story missions will bring "AAA shooter experience" for free. Find out of the last gameplay footage of a PvE mode below.

A date for the forthcoming beta has been mentioned yet, so stay tuned for more upcoming news for free-to-play FPS Metro Conflict! 


Metro Conflict: Presto - Story Mode Trailer

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