Metro Conflict is back with 2nd CBT in China, reveals action-packed story mode

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mc logobThe shooter Metro Conflict is back, at least this project is not dead, as many gamers in Asia concluded. Together with mega-publisher Tencent the Korean developer Red Duck has rolled out the 2nd Closed Beta Test for the f2p FPS in China and impresses with the story mode trailer. 

Wow, they really take their time. The "next-gen" shooter Metro Conflict was announced back in 2010 and entered the first Closed Beta testing in Korea by 2011. Three years went by and the game entered into a limbo state, the Korean publisher NHN did not even remove it from the portal. Instead of calling for a 2nd Closed Beta Test on its home turf, Red Duck decided to test it in China and in China only, by the end of May 2014.

I am not sure what Red Duck has been working on for the past three years on a game which was had been introduced with big marketing spendings and looked almost complete. In comparison to the description in 2011, the key features do not differ dramatically. Red Duck raised the character classes from four to seven and the general concept remains the same: a modern f2p FPS that aims to deliver realistic gameplay-feeling with futuristic elements, set in a near-future scenario.

But the recently released story mode trailer looks intriguing, maybe a bit too ambitious for a free-to-play shooter. Probably a good portion of the revenue generated through Red Duck's long-running FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) went into developing this PvE content, but would an average f2p-FPS-gamer play this mode more than three times? Or maybe there will be another premium model coming with this?

We find out more in 2015. At least, I believe it will be in 2015. 

Metro Conflict: Presto - Story Mode Trailer

Metro Conflict: Presto

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