OGPlanet shuts down Metro Conflict

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mc logobOGPlanet simply has no luck with f2p shooter games made in Korea. The most recent addition Metro Conflict faces termination, as OGPlanet will shut down servers on April 25th, 2016. The FPS might be coming back on Steam "with another publisher", as developer Red Duck hopes.

Metro Conflict gets important update and dedicated EU servers

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mc logobTwo months after launch the free-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict received a update that improves balancing, UI menu interface and also adds some more content. Players based in Europe can experience the shooter with less latency on dedicated servers. 

OGPlanet to roll out Open Beta Test for Metro Conflict on June 22nd

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mc logobFree-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict is ready for launch! Faster than expected, OGPlanet promises us "the summer's hottest beta". The shooter will open its servers on June 22nd, 4PM Pacific Time and will be fully released even on June 29th, if there are no critical issues found during testing.

The Beta is near - sign up for Metro Conflict!

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mc logobOkay, this is not really news, but the free-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict has been on our radar for years - and it finally approaches beta launch this summer. And hey, be the first and participate in the beta - you will get a 24 karat pixel-plated gold knife skin, delivered once Metro Conflict hits commercial release.

OGPlanet teams up with Red Duck to bring f2p Sci-fi shooter Metro Conflict to Western markets

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mc logobWow, that is some unexpected news that has reached us. The shooter Metro Conflict has resurfaced and is announced to enter Closed Beta testing, operated by OGPlanet later this year. The US publisher teamed up with Korean studio Red Duck, the developers behind the A.V.A. Believe it or not, but Metro Conflict was first announced in 2010.  

Metro Conflict is back with 2nd CBT in China, reveals action-packed story mode

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mc logobThe shooter Metro Conflict is back, at least this project is not dead, as many gamers in Asia concluded. Together with mega-publisher Tencent the Korean developer Red Duck has rolled out the 2nd Closed Beta Test for the f2p FPS in China and impresses with the story mode trailer. 

Metro Conflict: Presto Character Classes Introduction

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mc logobRed Duck Inc.'s highly anticipated futuristic military shooter Metro Conflict: Presto has entered the second official Closed Beta Test in Korea. The creators of A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms) unveiled the four character classes in a gameplay video. Check it out:

Red Duck Inc., Partners With Umbra For Metro Conflict: Presto

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mc logob umbra logoRed Duck Inc.'s highly anticipated futuristic military shooter Metro Conflict: Presto chooses Umbra as its rendering optimization middleware. Check out also Umbra's impressive video presentation

G-Star 2011: Metro Conflict: Presto Unleashed

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G-Star 2011 coverage: NHN (Hangame) unleashes Metro Conflict: Presto, the free-to-play online shooter from the makers of A.V.A. has reached final development stages. Applicants can test the game at G-Star 2011, the most important games event in Korea, which opened its gates today.