Nexon Europe Rolls Out Open Beta for Counter-Strike Online in Turkey

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Counter-Strike Online TurkeyOpen beta for the free-to-play version of Counter-Strike Online has started in Turkey. Its publisher Nexon Europe was happy with the results of the two closed beta tests conducted so far and released the fully Turkish localized MOFPS today.

Counter-Strike Online Türkiye

Based on Valve's sources Nexon had developed a free-to-play online version of Counter-Strike, licensed for Asia only. That was back in 2007. The MOFPS (Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) enjoyed success throughout Asia, boasting over 5 mio. registered players in China and Counter-Strike Online (CSO) still boasts a loyal fanbase in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. 

The content in CSO is massive. During the years Nexon had been updating the shooter uncounted times and added various characters, maps and game modes, including zombie and scenario modes. It took some time, but Turkey has been evolving to a important market in the past years for online games, especially online shooters.

Open beta has started May 9, 2013 and is accessible for Turkish gamers at the official site.

Counter-Strike Online - Türkiye Trailer

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