Counter-Strike Online (CSO) and A.V.A. content updates of July 2011

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Both Neowiz and Nexon have announced some content updates of A.V.A. for the Korean games portal, and Counter-Strike Online that apply by end of June for the Korean version on A.V.A. updates: It might take some time until the updates will also be included in the US version on

New Map - a new PvP mission map have been added, an Escape mission, called E-Boat.
New Weapons -
Pointman: MP7, KirssSuperV, SPAS-15
Rifleman: M4A1, AK47 Mk. III, FN-F2000, OTs-14
Sniper: FR-F2, TPG1, DSR-1
New cash capsule items: M16 Pristis, M16 Burst, XM49 Hakuen

as well us some changes of the UI, user interface.



Nexon also has announced the Zombie 3 Origin Update of Counter-Strike Online, the free-to-play online version of Counter-Strike that is available in Asia only.

New Zombie: Banshee

New Heroine: Kate

New Weapon: Salamander

New Maps: Requiem and Rest

An official teaser video has been uploaded and can be watched by clicking here.



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