It's back! Wolfteam Reloaded relaunches with giveaways and events

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WolfTeam Reloaded logoIt's back! Or shall I say, it's not meant to be dead anytime soon. Aeria Games' super-long-running f2p MOFPS (Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) Wolfteam relaunches with in-game items giveaways and some events. And most importantly, the publisher announced that it had merged servers.

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It is quite an old shooter, the graphic engine from long times ago, but still enjoyable for its fans who like the fast-paced, competitive gameplay and that Werewolves-twist, through which Humans turn into mutated Werewolves with extraordinary powers. 

Aeria Games have merged servers for Wolfteam and celebrates the relaunch with new, free permanent items such as armor sets, the weapons and characters. In addition weekly in-game events will reward loyal players with more items.

Wolfteam Reloaded events are still ongoing, check out full details at Aeria Games' official game page.





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