Massive Gaming Takes Over War Rock for the Philippines, Goldensoft to Publish the FPS in Thailand

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warrock logoPublisher Massive Gaming will take over Philippines' "first and longest running MMOFPS game" War Rock by end of May. ABS-CBN Multimedia will allow transfer of existing game accounts. And another related news: Developer Dream Execution partnered up with Goldensoft 2006 to publish War Rock and their upcoming MOFPS Maze: The Treasure Hunter in Thailand. 

ABS-CBN Multimedia is the games publishing arm of the Philippines-based media corporation. The publisher had been operating the free-to-play FPS War Rock for quite some time and announced that "WarRock will have a new lease on life to continue its reign in the Philippines. Amped in cooperation with Dream Execution will work closely to transfer the existing game accounts to Massive Gaming." The games service on their portal will end on May 31 and gamers need to register with Massive Gaming to continue playing.

War Rock

Dream Execution also entered into an agreement with Goldensoft, a Thai MMOG publisher who operates since 2006 and provides games services for major titles such as Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. Goldensoft will operate both War Rock and the upcoming MOFPS Maze: The Treasure Hunter for Thailand.

Maze is a mix of Tomb-Raider-styled action adventure game elements, FPS and RPG. So-called Relic Chasers and their opponents, The Treasure Hunters, fight against each other in their search for powerful ancient relics. It features a story mode with PvE content and role-playing elements, a large world to explore in third person view and PvP FPS game modes.

At this time Maze is confirmed for China and Thailand only, stay tuned for further updates and check the list of official sites.

Maze: The Treasure Hunter - Official Trailer

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