War Rock Introduces the All-New Clan System

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warrock logoThe all-new Clan System for the free-to-play MOFPS (Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) War Rock Global, serviced by Nexon Europe, is now live and available for all players.

With the official release of the in-game Clan System Nexon has responded to the demands of the Community. Since the migration of the War Rock Service from GamersFirst, Nexon has continuously pushed to create and service a well-crafted, easy to use but powerful Clan System that provides all the features users are requesting in a modern competitive gaming environment.

The creation of a Clan couldn't be easier: As soon as a Player turns Level 13 they are able to create a Clan for a certain amount of in-game currency and access all the features for free – and the feature list is long. After the Clan creation the Clan will be listed in the official Clan rankings – which are as detailed as possible – fight in clan wars, create introductions to enlist and recruit new members... Well, the list goes on. On top of all of that, Clans have their own levelling system. Simply by playing with your Clan mates, the whole Clan gets experience, unlocking bonuses for all members such as - increased experience gains from matches and higher in-game currency rates.

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Trick or Treat?

Nexon are celebrating Halloween this year with the dedicated War Rock community. Players will be able to obtain Letters through PvP or PvE matches to get special character decorations for the most terrifying time of the year – including the awesome Pumpkin Grenade! – A special weapon suited to celebrate this harrowing occasion!

Check out War Rock at the official site.

About War Rock

The fast-paced and large scale MMO First Person Shooter, developed by Dream Execution, has joined the Nexon Portfolio in 2012. War Rock offers 8 different game modes, including CQC (Close Quarter Combat), Conquest-Mode and SiegeWar and is based on the Jindo3D Engine. With its original content and challenging gameplay, War Rock has attracted a huge and dedicated community worldwide. More information can be found here:

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