Free-to-play FPS War Rock (KR) Celebrates 7th Anniversary

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warrock logoPublisher Nexon and developer Dream Execution celebrate the 7th anniversary of War Rock in Korea with content updates and events. 7 years for a free-to-play online shooter is impressive, right?

7 years for a free-to-play online shooter seems to be a pretty long lifetime for an MMO, considering the high competition in the Korean online games market. And remarkably War Rock is still one of the most played FPS in Korea too. But there is also three other veterans that also count for a large community, Counter-Strike Online and Special Force, which was even launched in 2004 and both titles are also ranked in the top 10 of most played FPS. The third one, Sudden Attack, is still the unbeaten no. 1 of FPS in Korea and recently was also the most played MMO in general, incl. all other MMO genres.

Graphics, engine, features and gameplay may seem a bit outdated, but with a strong community loyalty, regular content udpates and marketing, War Rock is alive and kicking. Other shooters such as Point Blank and Black Shot did not survive in Korea, but gained momentum overseas.

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Nexon celebrates the anniversary with a new map, the Outpost, in War Rock, the new game mode Rush and two new weapons. War Rock is published in America and Europe by K2 Network and further official sites are listed up here.

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