New content released for long-running FPS War Rock

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warrock logoWarRock got new content. The free-to-play FPS provides a new map with 'Two Ways', a brand-new character called 'Sarah Gainskey' and a new achievement system. That's quite a lot for a this long-running shooter.

Two Way puts players in an intense and high-risk siege scenario. With an explosive chemical weapon on the line, players must decide whether to tactically retreat or to eliminate the N.I.U threat once and for all.

Coming also with this April update, Sarah Gainskey, special agent and trained to carry out missions in hostile territory, and a new achievement system which gives players opportunity to redeem special in-game items and weapons through accomplishing certain missions. 

F2p military FPS WarRock promises fast and fun action, download it for free at the official site .


War Rock - Two Ways Trailer




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