War Rock adds intense new elimination game mode and plenty of X-mas content

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warrock logoNexon Europe provides additional challenge ahead of Christmas for their community of f2p FPS WarRock and extends the content with a white-knuckle new elimination game mode, an atmospheric map, new characters and a snow-load of Christmas content.

Foggy Escape Mode is an intense elimination game mode that pits your team against a team of nearly unstoppable madmen. The setup is simple; the humans have to evacuate the area by reaching a designate safe zone, or by eliminating all opposition. The Madmen have to stop the humans from achieving their objective, either by blocking their route or by putting an end to them.

Coming with the new mode are three Madmen characters, classified as speed, tank and suicide. 

In addition to this a lot of Christmas themed content and events are in the pipeline.

Check out it at the official site .


War Rock - Derbaran team VS NIU Madman team




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