Special Force 2 kicks off Closed Beta Test October 29 in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia

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sf2 smalllogoFinally, free-to-play FPS Special Force 2 will commence the first Closed Beta testing for players based in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia on October 29th. The shooter will be available for select players who register on Asiasoft's Playpark-platform. 


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The highly anticipated shooter comes in replacement for A.V.A which has been discontinued and it is also eagerly awaited by gamers based in the Philippines. 

Since its first launch in Korea back in 2011, the FPS has massively grown in content, players can expect a plethora of game modes, PvP and PvE content, weapons, items and customization options. 

Special Force 2, also known as S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2 in Europe, is based on the concept of its predecessor, Special Force: the MOFPS delivers pure, competitive and fast-paced FPS gameplay, but features stunning UE3-powered visuals, life-like animation and graphic effects and a high level of realism.

Players can now register for the CBT at the official sites.



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