Special Force 2 extends territories in Southeast Asia, Asiasoft strikes deal

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sf2 smalllogoWhat took them so long? Three years after its first launch in Korea, the highly anticipated First Person Shooter Special Force 2 will finally get to a launch in Southeast Asia. Developer Dragonfly GF announced that they partnered up with Asiasoft to publish the shooter in three Asian countries.

Special Force 2

Asiasoft will operate Special Force 2 in Singapore, Malaysia and a third country, which has not been revealed. The publisher also provides online games in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. My guess for the third country would be Thailand. (Update: I could be wrong, as True Digital Plus is running Special Force 1 in Thailand and might be the prioritized partner for SF2...)

As for Asiasoft this deal comes in time to fill a gap caused by the discontinuation of the free-to-play FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) which they had been operating for years in Southeast Asia. A.V.A will cease its operations later this December, as Asiasoft struggled to come to an agreement with Red Duck with regards to a renewal contract. Special Force 2 will be the one of the two shooters that will be available on their platform. 

The UE3-powered FPS Special Force 2 will add a new playground for competitive FPS gamers in SE Asia. It is available in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Stay tuned for updates on launch dates and more.

 Special Force 2 - Gameplay


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