SKILL: Special Force 2 Update Adds New AI Game Modes and Black Mamba

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skill special force 2 logoThe December patch for free-to-play FPS game SKILL: Special Force 2 adds new AI game modes, a new map and the female character class, Black Mamba.


sf2 black mamba2

Military online shooter Special Force 2 gets a first female character class, next to the special characters Black Security and Delta Scout. I always have had the feeling that Black Mamba, the female unit, was a just a little, tiny bit harder to hit. Guess what, this character is a premium item.

Furthermore the maps Hangar, Dam and Desert Camp can be played in new AI game modes. Players can test their skills in those PvE modes within four difficulty levels. Next to this publisher Gameforge releases a night version of the Building Site map, which can be played in the Manhunt mode. 

This and more items can be found at the official site.














Special Force 2 (KR) - Black Mamba - Gameplay in DAM

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