Project Blackout Celebrates its First Anniversary with a Bang

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Project Blackout, an online first person shooter (FPS) published by SG Interactive, celebrates its first anniversary with a line-up of exciting and lucrative events for old and new players alike.

The first anniversary events will run for two weeks, starting on Wednesday, Jan. 11. Online gamers can choose to side with either Aegis Inc. or The Corps, and join the gunfight by signing up and downloading the free-to-play game at its official site.
Events include:

  • Everyone is Invited to the Party - Between Jan. 11 and 25, every player that steps into the battleground will receive 50 percent more experience points and credits, as well as Gift Boxes containing random items such as the M4 SR-16 Lv1 3D, M4 SPR Lv2, Deluxe Shadow 3D or Type II Vest 3D.
  • Salute to the Dedicated Players -SG Interactive will reward the devoted players that have been playing the game since Nov. 11, 2011 with a free Famas G2 Supply Kit. Also, those that achieve EXP milestones during the event period will receive prizes and credits such as the spinning M1887 shotgun, also known as the "Terminator 2shotgun."
  • First Blood! Event Rerun -SG Interactive is bringing back its First Blood! Event. The deadly UMP45 Extension submachine gun awaits the brawny soldiers that reach Corporal (level 3) during the event. Players can reach higher levels for more prizes such as the AK 47-EXT, and one lucky winner will receive a permanent weapon of choice available in shop. 


Project Blackout is a free-to-play online first person shooter (FPS) pitting players against players in a wide variety of game modes. Testing gamers' skills with fast-paced action, precision shooting, and twitch response times, the graphics, surround sound, and camera effects add to the realistic gaming experience.

Online gamers can now choose their side and join the fight between by visiting the game's website at the official site

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