Piercing Blow a.k.a Point Blank launches on Steam

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pb logo3Zepetto celebrates the Steam launch of its f2p FPS Piercing Blow a.k.a Point Blank. The integration into Steam was done with an "unmeasurable amount of time and effort". Celebrate this with free 7D in-game items and extra tournaments:

PBUS SteamStrike stb v1.00 20151016 YJI

Piercing Blow is available from November 10, 2015 on STeam and available as free download for 28 countries in North America and Europe. 

Zepetto awards players logging in Piercing Blow through their Steam account with a mystery item blox which will be randomly given to players achieving 100 minutes in the game. For competitive players, a first "STEAM Exclusive Online Tournament" will be organized and this one is special as players can test the skills of even more or less skillful GMs at designated times.

Check more details out at the Steam page and find all other official Piercing Blow sites.

Piercing Blow - Official Teaser Trailer





0 #2 bngnpg 2015-11-15 09:26
P2W as always xD
0 #1 Aeon 2015-11-12 16:56
Just tried it, horrible gameplay and graphics

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