Nexon America Now Operates Sudden Attack, also soon in Brazil by LevelUp!

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Sudden Attack is now being operated by Nexon. In order to continue playing, gamers will need to transfer their Sudden Attack character from GameHi to Nexon. Migration will be available until January 17, 2012. Sudden Attack is also announced soon to be available in Brazil.

Nexon America has integrated the free online shooter 'Sudden Attack' into their platform and is now accepting account transfers from GameHi. With 'Sudden Attack' Nexon America offers the second free-to-play FPS (First Person Shooter) next to 'Combat Arms'.

Despite the fact that 'Sudden Attack' is ageing and its graphics a bit out-of-date  - the very first launch was in 2005  - it persists still to be the unbeaten no. 1 MMOFPS (massively multiplayer online first person shooter) for years and even up to this date in Korea. Nexon had acquired the developer GameHi in 2010, which inevitably led to a hassle with major publisher CJ who had been operating Sudden Attack on its portal. 

For the moment there is no information available, if Nexon Europe plans also to offer Sudden Attack on its European servers.

LevelUp! Interactive has finally launched beta tests of Sudden Attack for Brazilian gamers recently.  Sudden Attack will be offered in the localized version on the LevelUp portal.

We have updated the Official Sites of Sudden Attack.

Sudden Attack - Nexon's Official Trailer 



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