En Masse relaunches refurbished Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)

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Long-running free-to-play FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) has made it out of Open Beta and is announced as official launch. Its new operator En Masse Entertainment has taken over full support and kicked off the launch with a Grand Opening Event and a slightly enhanced new version of the shooter.

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The launch version comes with a "fresh new look", that is based on graphical and UI updates, and the new Marksman Aces game mode, a sniper-only mode, as well as Dreamcatcher weapons. The event is basically a collection of limited edition weapons which can be purchased with EMP. You find more info about the latest patch in this post.

En Masse is pretty much supporting the same countries that had been covered by Aeria Games. Americas, Europe and some Asian countries can have access to AVA as listed up in this post.

New updates, graphics overhaul, new features and a new publisher - it seems that Red Duck is far away from phasing out AVA, its only game after they screwed up with Metro Conflict. Future will tell, check it out at the official site


A.V.A - Grand Opening Update Trailer









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