Transition completed - En Masse launches Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) Open Beta

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Free-to-play FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) had been operated by Aeria Games for years. The licensing agreement with developer Red Duck had not been renewed, the shooter has been transferred to En Masse Entertainment, who has kicked off the Open Beta by today. The Open Beta build comes with some updates, but is the migration going smoothly?

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Starting today players who registered with Aeria Games can now migrate their accounts to En Masse, but as it seems a lot of people had seen issues with the migration, getting an "Account transfer error". According to En Masse this has been fixed by now and the migration of accounts should work. Also important, there should be no account wipes in the Open Beta.

The Open Beta build comes with some new stuff, but is primarily the same A.V.A that was hosted by Aeria Games. Among the updates players can test their skills with the AVA Sports game mode and compete against each other in events such as Super Jump, Bar Crossing, Shooting, Breakthrough and Relay. Players can also check out the latest two AI-modes called Rising Dust and Scorpion.

Will En Masse make the difference? Future will tell, check it out at the official site


A.V.A - Sports Mode Trailer









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