A.V.A (KR) launches "Super Soldier Project" major update tomorrow, with better graphics

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The Korean version of FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) celebrates its 8th year since launch and Red Duck invested serious resources in bringing out a new upgraded version. Still using the same engine, the new update is titled "Super Soldier Project" and delivers better graphics with more object details and textures. The all-new A.V.A launches in Korea, June 28th.

ava special43

The update improves literally all game aspects, minor changes have been made to the matchmaking system, the AI modes, the reward system, weapon balancing and more. But the focus was on the visuals, the upgraded version is a bit cleaner, more colorful and the maps and weapons deliver more details and enhanced textures.

Red Duck and its publisher Neowiz Games tease the update with a live action trailer. The update might be available for in other countries later this year.

Find more info at visit the official site!


A.V.A - Super Soldier Project - Live Action Teaser Trailer


 ava special42

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