This Weekend: The A.V.A. World Championships Grand Finale & new game mode

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The world's twelve best teams of f2p FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) will go head-to-head this weekend during the final round of the popular first-person shooter's World Championships in Japan. Also, with "Hide & Seek" a new challenging game mode has been introduced.

A.V.A - World Championships Trailer (KR)

During the qualification phase, ten Asian from China, Japan and Korea and two European teams earned their way to Tokyo, where they will compete in 5v5 Demolition maps for a shot at $100,000. Starting this Friday at 8 pm CET (11 am PST), the matches will be streamed and commentated upon by A.V.A. expert Justin "InkofDeath" Quinn live on Twitch: More action-packed battles will be streamed on Sunday, December 20th at 9 pm CET (12 pm PST) during the World Championship Finale!

In "Hide & Seek" players can disguise themselves as objects and hide from their enemies.

Find more info at the official site!


A.V.A - Hide and Seek








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