Are you the Last Man Standing in the latest survival mode of A.V.A?

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The North American version of f2p FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) invites you to test your skills on a challenging all-new survival mode. In 'LASTMAN Standing' players compete and coorporate with up to 32 players per match. But only one will remain alive.

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This crazy game mode begins with players parachuting into a deadly urban environment, with a lethal gas cloud closing in on them. Players encounter each other, but have the make a crucial decision: friend or foe? Weapons and ammo are limited, hand-to-hand and melee combat are the keys. And on top of that, will you betray your team or will your teammate turn against you?

The best players will use the map to their advantage. Sneak up behind an enemy, use vicious tactics. The goal is clear: you will be the Last Man standing.

The all-new map is exclusive to LASTMAN Standing.

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A.V.A - LASTMAN Standing

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