A.V.A (KR) launches 'Casablanca' convoy mission

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The second new game mode in a series of content updates for the Korean version of the FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) is set in Casablanca, Morocco and based on the concept of the "Escort the Tank" mission. 

In "Casablanca" players have to escort a tank, but contrary to the existing Escort mission, players engage in combat much faster and the difficulty has been lowered. The map offers 8 strategic spots for ambush. "Casablanca" can be played with a featured set of weapons for Point Man, Rifle Man and Sniper.

This and further updates might be available in other territory versions later this year.

Neowiz Games launched a teaser site at the official Korean homepage.

A.V.A Reload (KR) - "Casablanca" Trailer




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