A.V.A Reload (KR) blasts off new updates with hardcore PvE mode 'Train'

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With 'Train' Red Duck and publisher Neowiz Games kick off a series of forthcoming game modes for the Korean version of the FPS  Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A). 'Train' is a new hardcore PvE coop mode, in which only two players fight their way through an enemy-infested, massive train. 

Two men go in, two men come out.

In 'Train' players need to rely on their teammate, as there are only two survivors who must reach the open extraction point of a massive running train. The PvE mode is divided into five chapters. In each chapter the two soldiers need to fight off various hostiles, including infected, aircraft and other opposing forces. Once those are cleared, they will have to deal with a powerful boss at the end of each stage. Players are equipped with special weapons to handle the stages. 

"Join me for dinner." - Stage 4 boss

Korean gamers can test their skills in this adrenalin-pumping game mode from today onwards. 'Train' is the opening for further content updates and events which are scheduled throughout this year and marks the beginning of A.V.A Reload

"This lightweight toy will fit in your pocket." - The M134

This and further updates might be available in other territory versions later this year. Neowiz Games launched a teaser site at the official Korean homepage.

A.V.A Reload (KR) - Train - Trailer



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