A.V.A International Championship 2014 prize pool hits $50,000

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avaThe next tournament of the A.V.A. (Alliance of Valiant Arms) Championship 2014 takes place from July 15 - 20 in Taipei, Taiwan. And this time it is going to be larger than before.Get your team ready!

AVA AIC 2013

The tournament is going to span six days. Seven teams who qualified will pit against each other in front of hundreds of viewers. Team will play in 5-vs-5 Demolition modes and the final will be broadcast live on Taiwanese online sites.

Two teams, who qualified with Aeria Games, will fly over to Taiwan. The publisher will start off with 2 separation cups for EU and NA based teams and need to challenge the strong teams from South Korea and Taiwan. Read along here for further info.

Check further info about the A.V.A International Championship 2014 for other countries at the official site.

A.V.A - AIC 2013 Final - Korea vs. Taiwan



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