Alliance of Valiant Arms gets infected

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avaFirst Person Shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) is back with a new update: The new Infection-Z mode comes with the Awaken map, a huge combat space which is filled with new features, such as jump pads and more. 

The "Infection Z" game mode is set in an industrial compound deep in the woods of Slovakia. The NRF conducted experiments with biochemical weapons, something went wrong and voilà, some personnel got infected with a virus and turned into mutants with extraordinary powers. The Awaken map is quite large and offers a couple of strategic points where players can use ramps, jump pads or cranes in battle. Players can even spawn from the air. Infection Z introduces the mutant characters, Host and Infectee and The Reaper on the human side as well as new weapons.

Players also have the chance to win up to 21 brand new, permanent weapons at the Mega Capsule 4.

The update is live on the version hosted by Aeria Games, check out more on the official site.

ava cap 31

ava cap 31

ava cap 31

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