Alliance of Valiant Arms (KR) Launches the New "Infection Z" Game Mode

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avaThe Korean version of the free shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) launched a new game mode. In "Infection Z" players pit against mutants on a massive new map, titled "Awaken."

For quite a long time there haven't been any major updates for the Korean version of the online FPS Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A). Red Duck and Neowiz Games have launched the "Infection Z" game mode, which is set in an industrial compound in Slovakia. The NRF conducted experiments with biochemical weapons, something went wrong and voil√†, some personnel got infected with a virus and turned into mutants with extraordinary powers. 

The "Awaken" map is quite large and offers a couple of strategic points where players can use ramps, jump pads or cranes in battle. Infection Z introduces the mutant characters, Host and Infectee and The Reaper on the human side as well as new weapons, such as the KRISS Vector. 

ava map02

ava special11

ava special12

The new game starts in Korea first and may be released in your local version soon. Check the list of Official Sites of A.V.A.


A.V.A - Infection Z Trailer



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